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Veranda 4

Veranda 4 is located at the northern end of the area. The sizeable windows invite the nature of the Töölönlahti Bay to be part of the experience. The space is separated by a partial load-bearing, fixed wall, but it can still be used together with Veranda 3.
Veranda 4 offers excellent exhibition space for events such as car presentations.

272 m2

Technical information


Main Building, Level 0


Gross space, 272 m2
Net space (exhibition, including access), 100 m2

Basic facilities

  • Podium
  • Main table
  • Greenery

Technical facilities

  • Data projector
  • Screen (375 cm wide x 512 cm high)
  • Meeting lighting, all lighting can be dimmed
  • Speech and music PA systems
  • Wired microphones for the podium and main table
  • 2 wireless microphones for speakers
  • Announcement system
  • WLAN
  • Media screen outside


Can be combined with Veranda 3