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Finlandia Hall

The Finlandia Hall main auditorium is our crown jewel, a space where Alvar Aalto’s vision has been realized to the fullest. The hall is an experience in itself. The spacious facilities allow for arranging even the most demanding events. The foyer – also known as the Piazza – offers a splendid view over the Töölönlahti Park.

Auditorio m2

Technical information


Main Building, Level 2


Main stage, 187 m2 (25×11,5 m)

Choir, 50 m2

Extended stage

The stage can be extended into the auditorium across its entire width,
from 1 metre up to 2 metres in places.


Auditorium 1700 seats

Basic facilities


  • Main table
  • Podium
  • Wired microphones for the podium and main table
  • 2 wireless microphones for speakers
  • Fresh greenery


  • Orchestra chairs
  • Music stands
  • Conductor’s podium

Technical facilities

  • Data projector
  • Screen (8.7 x 5.15 m), at the back of the stage
  • General lighting, conference lighting, and classical concert lighting
  • Speech and music PA systems
  • WLAN
  • Announcement system
  • Internal TV system (incl. remotely operated cameras in the auditorium,
    with the feed connected throughout the building)
  • Induction loop
  • Media displays outside the auditorium
  • Fixed organ
  • Five wheelchair places
  • Light and sound control room at the rear of the auditoriu


Fixed interpreters’ booths


Orchestra foyer


Adjacent to the Main Auditorium


70 m2


Armchairs, tables

Technical facilities

  • WLAN
  • Plasma TV connected to the internal TV system