Are you organizing a small meeting, a bigger convention or a spectacular gala dinner?  Whatever your needs, we can create a special experience.  Our first rate catering, services and  facilities at Finlandia Hall allow easier decision making and enjoyable meetings.

Event catering

Finlandia Restaurant has a strong reputation as a competent and flexible caterer of large-scale meetings and conferences, but we cater for smaller events with the same enthusiasm and expertise.  Finlandia Restaurant provides all the conference catering services at Finlandia Hall based on solid experience.

Conference technology and event services

At Finlandia Hall we can arrange meetings and conferences using versatile conference technology. Our professional event coordinators and hosts will help you plan and organize your conferences and events. Our technical service specialists work closely with our event coordinators to ensure the needed technical solutions for the event.

Excellent location

Finlandia Hall’s unique architecture and beautiful surroundings make it the finest conference facility in Finland. Finlandia Hall and the surrounding Töölö Bay are right in central Helsinki. Getting around is easy. If you need to go further than walking distance, the public transport trams and buses stop just outside Finlandia Hall, and the railway station and nearby bus terminals guarantee easy access to the airport and anywhere in Finland.

Choose a ready event solution, or alternatively we will tailor a completely unique event.

Meeting packages

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Banquet package

Banquet package 2021

Concert packages

Concert packages 2021


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